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Welcome message from the chair

Peter Kaiser, PhD
UC Irvine Health Marketing & Communications
Peter Kaiser, PhD, chair, Department of Biological Chemistry

The Department of Biological Chemistry in the UC Irvine School of Medicine consists of more than 120 individuals, including 25 faculty members plus fellows, graduate students, researchers and other staff members.

We seek truth and a better understanding of basic science and are mindful of its translational potential. We respect innovative ideas, encourage critical and independent thinking, and we share our knowledge with others in a caring culture.

As a basic science department, our faculty members are engaged in the scientific research of the building blocks of life. Our investigators look into protein pathways, molecular structures and basic DNA to decode its form and function.

Biological chemistry is the foundation of most, if not all, medicine. We teach our medical students the basics of proteins, sugars/carbohydrates and other biochemistry topics. We also help our graduate students discover and contribute to a better understanding of research that benefits both the scientific community and the community at large.

Our award-winning and highly respected professors are sought after nationally and internationally for their expertise.

A number of our principal investigators work on mechanisms that are related to cancer, aging and cell development. In addition, our researchers also conduct studies on topics such as biofuels, infectious diseases, muscular dystrophy and a wide array of other biochemical subjects.

One of the primary goals of the Department of Biological Chemistry is to train tomorrow's scientists. Our professors are dedicated to preparing our students for science careers in academia, industry and other areas.

Our students are encouraged to apply for fellowships and other funding sources to further their education and research. About one-third of them are supported by independent fellowships or training grants.

Most important, the Department of Biological Chemistry fosters collaboration and teamwork. We work through challenges and we help everyone at all levels to continue to grow and participate in our mission and vision.

We invite you to visit us. Please contact Barbara Shainberg if you are interested in touring a laboratory to observe cutting-edge research at work and/or learn more about the Department of Biological Chemistry.