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Standard Operating Procedures

All UC Irvine laboratories are required to have written Standard Operating Procedures (SOPs) when work conducted in them involves the use of hazardous chemicals or physical hazards.

Lab personnel who perform hazardous operations must document that they have read and understand all SOPs relevant to their research. It is critical to provide hands-on training on all relevant SOPs to new lab personnel who will be involved with hazardous operations.

SOP Resources

The University of California's Center for Lab Safety Standard Operating Procedures Library offers examples of SOPs and SOP templates developed by various individual researchers for their labs.

The information and exemplars provided on the center's website are intended to assist principal investigators (PI) and laboratory personnel in developing SOPs appropriate for their own laboratories.

While many procedures and precautionary measures are applicable to multiple laboratory environments, every PI should carefully review any information contained in these exemplars before adopting it for use in SOPs for their own labs.

Standard Operating Procedure Documents

Biological Chemistry Labs SOPs

Biological Chemistry Department principal investigators have developed many SOPs, including these shared below: