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Latest News & Events


AUG 30How innovation is challenging conventional assumptions about STEM careers
AUG 10The talent equation: How new innovation-driven roles in surprising fields are redefining our perception of scientists
JUL 27Congratulations to SOM, Biological Chemistry Assistant Professor Dr. Cholsoon Jang on his Lab’s first research paper, “In vivo isotope tracing reveals the versatility of glucose as a brown adipose tissue substrate” published in Cell Reports.
MAR 16Dr. Leslie Thompson, professor of Biological Chemistry, Tackles Huntington’s Disease One Gene at a Time


SEP 10UCI Department of Biological Chemistry professor awarded Mallinckrodt Foundation grant
JUN 08Congratulations to Biological Chemistry Assistant Professor Dr. Selma Masri for receiving the 2020 Medical Education Teaching Award.
MAY 01The Department of Biological Chemistry welcomes Dr. Cholsoon Jang, a newly appointed Assistant Professor.
MAY 01Congratulations to SOM, Biological Chemistry Graduate Student Remy Phuong Vu on winning a 2020 National Science Foundation Graduate Research Fellowship Program Award
MAR 19New UCI-led study reveals how skin cells prepare to heal wounds
FEB 21New discovery may drive the development of better, more effective immunotherapies for the treatment of breast cancer
JAN 1Department of Biological Chemistry Welcomes Dr. Wei Li and His Group. Dr. Li is an Endowed Chair and Professor of Bioinformatics. He is a world renowned expert in Computational Cancer Epigenomics and Transcriptomics. His recruitment initiates our efforts to expand and develop bioinformatics research program.
JAN 22The publication "Microhomology-based CRISPR tagging tools for protein tracking, purification, and depletion” from the Kaiser lab was selected as the JBC Methods and Resource article of 2019


NOV 22UCI-led study reveals how consuming alcohol affects the circadian rhythm of the liver leading to disease; Targeting the liver's circadian rhythm may lead to new treatments for alcoholic liver disease
JUL 21What’s the best time of day to exercise, morning or evening?
JUL 1UCI researchers to join national effort to build atlas of human breast cells
JUN 27Researchers discover new way to discriminate between mutations responsible for promoting cancer growth and those that are not
APR 22UCI to establish skin biology, diseases resource center with $4 million NIH award


SEP 11Study of scarless wound healing goes digital with 5-year, $3.3 million NIH grant to UCI trio. Congratulation to Professor Xing Dai for her share of the NIH grant.
SEP 06A study led by UCI's Paolo Sassone-Corsi, PhD, reveals communication among organs and tissues that regulate the body’s energy.
SEP 04The Department of Biological Chemistry welcomes Dr. Rémi Buisson, a newly appointed Assistant Professor.
MAY 25Congratulations to Professor Paolo Sassone-Corsi, the 2018-2019 recipient of the UCI Distinguished Faculty Award for Research, the most prestigious award faculty members can receive from their colleagues.
APR 05UCI neuroscientist Daniele Piomelli talks about his inventions and research with UCI Applied Innovations online magazine, Tech Currents.
APR 01Peter Kaiser received an NIH RO1 grant from the Institute of General Medicine to study molecular mechanisms that coordinate methionine metabolism with cell proliferation and cancer.
MAR 03Congratulations to Biological Chemistry MD/PhD student Gianna Fote for securing first runner up (2nd place) in the Grad Slam competition.
APR 05Congratulations to Biological Chemistry graduate student Marlene Cervantes for receiving the Latino Excellence and Achievement Dinner (LEAD) Award for student success and research excellence in the Latino community.


DEC 27Congratulation to Biological Chemistry Professor Emeritus Robert Moyzis on his receipt of the Los Alamos Medal.
NOV 16The Qiao lab unveiled how the protective structure of the chromosome end is assembled at atomic resolution in an article published in Molecular Cell.
NOV 15The Kessenbrock lab received pilot funds from the Chan-Zuckerberg Initiative to build a cell atlas of human breast tissue with UCI's Lawson lab and M.D. Anderson's Navin lab.
OCT 02The Department of Biological Chemistry welcomes Selma Masri, PhD, a newly appointed assistant professor.
AUG 10Biological chemistry faculty shows in a study published in Cell that a low-calorie diet helps keep energy-regulating processes humming and the body younger.
JUL 27Inside Higher Ed interviewed professor Wen-Hwa Lee, PhD, about Taiwan’s research infrastructure that needs and reform and resources.
JUL 27Weian Zhao and a team from UC Irvine are featured in the Genetic Engineering and Biotechnology News: "Cell-Based Therapies Soften Up Cancer by Targeting Tumor Stiffness"
JUN 14Professor Leslie Thompson, PhD, is quoted in Healthline article: "Is Human Embryonic Stem Cell Research in Jeopardy?"
FEB 22Rolando Ruiz-Vega of the Anand Ganesan Laboratory was awarded a UC President’s post-doctoral fellowship.


OCT 5Peter Kaiser's research cited in Science Magazine. Article titled: "This protein is mutated in half of all cancers. New drugs aim to fix it before it’s too late"
OCT 6-7Biennial international symposium: "Epigenetic Control and Cellular Plasticity"
JUN 05Peter Donovan was quoted in The Guardian article: "Inside the ‘black box’ of human development "
MAY 26Jinqiang Liu is selected as the recipient of the “School of Medicine Outstanding Student Fellowship 2016.”
MAY 26Rolando Ruiz is selected as the recipient of the inaugural "2016 Stanley Behrens Fellows in Medicine" award.
MAY 06Cancer cells hijack the body's internal clocks, a UC Irvine study finds
MAY 05Scientists double life expectancy for embryos in petri dishes, raising ethical concerns.
MAR 18Paolo Sassone Corsi is awarded the 2015 August and Marie Krogh Medal.


DEC 01Artificial intelligence called in to tackle LHC data deluge
NOV 23UC Irvine professors Robert Moyzis and Sergey Nizkorodov are named AAAS fellows.
OCT 26Joint faculty member Dr. Daniele Piomelli and colleagues' study uncovers role of oxytocin in triggering marijuana-like neurotransmitters
AUG 14Dr. Feng Qiao is a recipient of the 2015 School of Medicine Excellence in Graduate Teaching Award.
JUN 18Dr. Robert E. Steele receives the Excellence in Teaching Award.
FEB 18UC Irvine professor Daniele Piomelli shares research discoveries on a signaling process that is at the heart of the accelerated aging influenced by methamphetamine abuse.
FEB 11UC Irvine and Italian scientists limit accelerated cellular aging caused by methamphetamine use.
JAN 12Save the Date: The Center for Epigenetics & Metabolism hosts Epigenetics Day at Sprague Hall from 9:30 a.m. to 4:30 p.m.
JAN 06Body-clock rhythms play a key role in the metabolism and division of cells, UC Irvine researchers find in a study published in Cell Reports.


JUL 31Study led by Paolo Sassone-Corsi finds that circadian rhythms govern much of the liver's metabolic functions.
JUL 01UC Irvine Center for Epigenetics & Metabolism and King Abdullah University of Science & Technology forge a research partnership.
JUL A new course is approved for fall 2014, BC240: "New Cancer Breakthroughs in Basic and Translational Cancer Research"
MAY 27UC Irvine endocrinologist Dr.Ellis Levin and team detect estrogen's key role in normal organ development and function.
FEB 21Dr. Paolo Sassone-Corsi is featured in the Orange County Register story, "Time Travelers: UCI Scientist is OC's Circadian Rhythm King"
FEB 03Neuroscientist Leslie Thompson is named fellow of the American Association for the Advancement of Science, the world’s largest general scientific society.
FEB 03Dr. Paolo Sassone-Corsi is featured in Dean's Report: "Epigenetics Control and Cellular Plasticity Symposium Draws World's Leading Genetic Researchers."